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Tyre Safety 

Nice wheels…but are they safe?

Tyre safety is extremely important for both you and your vehicle by following these simple steps of ensuring that your tyre is safe!

First of all is to check the pressure of your tyre, making sure there is enough air in the tyre is much like checking the oil to an engine. If the volume of air isn’t correct then you could be the one suffering. Taking five minutes out to check your tyre can prevent any serious injury by following these three tyre inspection check points

Looks can be deceiving!

You don’t need to be an expert on how to check the wear of your tyres, we’re here to help you! This is how you check the wear of the tyre; finding the tread is located in the main grooves of each tyre where there is a small bar that runs across the main grooves this is your tread indicator.

A simple life hack that can be used to check the tread depth is using a 20-cent coin, by sliding the coin into the grooves of the tyre if the coin doesn’t reach the platypus bill that means that there’s less than 3mm of tread left on your tyres which means it’s time for new tyres!

Damage Control

Roads are symbolically the same as a vacuum for tyres, they seem to attract everything in their grooves such as screw, metal shards, glass, sharp rocks and much more without the driver noticing.

It is highly recommended to check the tyre sidewalls regularly, it could be as simple as walking back from the shopping centre and observing your tyres. Mainly on the lookout for cuts, gouge bulges or anything else that shouldn’t be there. If you suddenly notice a puncture in your tyre you should immediately contact the closest tyre dealer for not only your safety but for another motorist.

Check your pressure!

The best advice you’ll get from us is a tyre pressure check. Your tyre pressure decreases over time as the air slowly goes through the tyres inner liner which is a red flag for regularly checking your tyre. Lucky for us a recommended tyre pressure placard has been bolted on the door frame by the vehicle manufactures. Regularly checking your tyre pressure can save fuel, improve road grip and increase the lifetime of the tyre.

If you don’t check your tyre pressure you’re putting yourself, your passengers and other motorists at risk. Pressure frictions can create uneven wear on the shoulders and result in the tyres overheating which can lead to tread separation. We advise you to check your tyres fortnightly or monthly at a minimum.