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Aussie Tyre quotes is an internet based sales lead generator and customer funnel for customers requiring tyres and car batteries.

From our main site customers simply click on the city or town they wish to get the quote. The customer is then invited to fill out a form outlining their tyre requirements with mandatory questions such as: name, phone, email, car make and model, number tyres required, and optional questions such as: tyre size, budget and when the tyres are required.

What happens next

The forms are sent to a central mailbox for that location and the quote requests are sent onto all the tyre shops listed in the area with Aussie Tyre Quotes.

All the tyre shops listed in that area will have the opportunity to contact the potential customer with a quote for the tyres required and also highlight any extra services, offers or discounts that make them stand out from the competition.

What are the benefits

For the Tyre Shops

This is a cost effective lead generator, you only pay for the actual leads you get and regardless of your advertising budget you will receive the same number of leads as your competitors.

The people using this service are looking for the best deal on tyres and these customers are in your area.

Most potential customers will not call all the tyre shops listed in a directory and are not likely to look past the first page on Google so this service allows them to find the best deal from as many possible suppliers of tyres, regardless of the tyre suppliers position on google or how big the ad is and location in the directory.

The listing with Aussie Tyre Quotes is free

For the Customers

Aussie Tyre Quotes provides a one stop option for customers to quickly and easily find the best deal on tyres. They can find out what other services and special offers are available without multiple calls repeating themselves over and over, waiting on hold, making note of all the different offers then calling the tyre shop back and repeating their request. And best of all, the service is free for the customer.

How to sign up

What is the cost

All tyre stores listed with Aussie Tyre Quotes pay the same amount. Payment is made based on the number of leads provided. Tyre stores only pay once for each lead, regardless of the number of tyres requested in the same month for the same make and model of car from the same email address.

If a quote request is made from the same email address for the same car a month later, it is considered a new quote request as is charged in that months billing.

Tyre shops will be invoiced monthly and the Aussie Tyre Quotes mailbox will be used as a record of quotes requested. Any quote request with the same email address requesting a quote for the same make and model of car in the same month will be filtered out and only invoiced once.

Each quote request from Aussie Tyre Quotes will only cost $0.25 . That’s right only 25 cents per quote received.

Aussie Tyre Quotes reserves the right to review cost per quote after 12 months.

How do you sign up

It’s easy. Just contact Aussie Tyre Quotes and request a “ receive quotes agreement”. Fill out the form and send it back to us.

The “ Receive Quotes Agreement” is simply a form that outlines our service and the cost and requires an authorised person from the tyre store to agree to be listed and pay the 25 cents per request.